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Your cases are always supervised by our own team. If case size or complexity so requires, we do this in cooperation with one or more of over 75 external specialists from the qualified network De Gier Business Finance Law has at its disposal.
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Corporate Law

Our clients are the UBOs, Boards of Directors and Commissioners of professional enterprises and parties in Corporate Finance.


We provide advice on important legal issues such as acquisitions or disinvestments, directors' liability risks, deployment of the labour factor, matters related to real estate, claims and larger contracts and direct debits.


We often operate in the role of ‘commissioner’ – in legally oriented matters we consult with the client to determine what the best strategic choice is when all perspectives are considered.

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Finance Law

The specialisation Finance Law concerns services provided to professional and high net worth private investors and Family Offices.

They involve us in the preparatory stage of large investments and in the event of complications arising in relation to investments in financial products (shares, derivatives) and real estate (projects).

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Class actions

A niche is the involvement of De Gier Business Finance Law in class actions if and when investors suffer collective financial loss.

Famous case files include those in the case against the State of the Netherlands and Fortis (Ageas) in relation to the dismantling of Fortis and ABN AMRO, the Usury Policy Case against Nationale-Nederlanden and the ‘Waerdyekwestie’ (usury issue) concerning state insurer ASR.

De Gier Business Finance Law was the lead counsel in the class actions conducted in cooperation with class action initiators such as FortisEffect, Wakkerpolis and the Consumer Association.

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General (lead) counsel

De Gier Business Finance Law operates according to a unique organisational model. All team members are highly specialised in the fields of Corporate Law, Labour Law and Financial Law.

In addition, work is also performed in collaboration with a large number (more than 75) of external specialists. This way, we can handle larger cases and provide full-service to clients, also in other fields of law including Procurement Law, Competition Law, Spacial Planning and Construction Law.

In those kinds of collaborations, De Gier Business Finance Law is responsible for directing operations and carries ultimate responsibility for all legal affairs.

Hof akkoord met megaschikking Fortis-aandeelhouders

Published on July 14, 2018

English version not available right now.

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Wakkerpolis Wins Test Case Against NN

Published on March 29, 2016

‘Usury Policy Affair’ reaches new phase – On March 29, 2016, the interest group ‘Wakkerpolis’…

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Ageas settles with investors for 1.2 billion.

Published on March 14, 2016

Europe’s largest settlement concerning investment loss to date – Belgian insurer Ageas, successor to the…

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'You should weigh up arguments not count them’'

Adriaan de Gier, LL M.

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Adriaan de Gier, LL M


Founder of De Gier Business Finance Law. Wide experience in the legal profession, assists management teams…

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Personal Assistant

Hari Muljokarno is Personal Assistant van mr. Adriaan de Gier en de office manager. Contact…

External specialists on contract

De Gier Business Finance Law uses a rigorously selected network of over 75 external specialists….

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