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Company Law – legal practice and business mediation

Class Actions – litigation and mediation

Non-executive member of management and supervisory boards

Company Law – legal practice and business mediation

Company law – guidance
Adriaan de Gier acts as a legal adviser to medium-sized and larger companies, private equity organisations, investment funds, and non-profit institutions. He is a member of the Netherlands Bar Association [Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten] ( Acting in this capacity, he provides guidance in relation to disputes within or between businesses, management and shareholders but also in the case of acquisitions, participating interests, and disinvestments, and in the case of director’s liability and major liability or other claims.

Adriaan de Gier works together with a select number of lawyers who are specialists in various fields of law. It is possible to deal with sizable cases in this way. Comprehensive service may also be provided, for example, in relation to major takeovers, complex contracts, competition and labour law, and project development.
Business mediation and procedural guidance

Our extensive experience is also regularly utilised for mediation involving business disputes or procedural guidance in complex commercial relationships. Adriaan de Gier is a registered MfN [Federation of Mediators in the Netherlands] mediator ( and facilitates conflict management for the purposes of avoiding or terminating legal proceedings.

Mediation labor disputes
He is also a specialist in employment law (Grotius), so he often acts as a mediator in disputes relating to employment relationships.

Class Actions – litigation and mediation

Advice and litigation
Adriaan de Gier is one of the pioneers of class actions in the Netherlands, amongst other things, by establishing Stichting FortisEffect in 2008, thereby achieving a settlement with Ageas (Fort) for more than €1.3 billion in 2016. Since then he has been involved in various class-action lawsuits, such as those against NN Group and ASR Levensverzekering concerning investment insurance (the products, Flexibel Verzekerd Beleggen [Flexible Insured Investment] and Waerdye – and against Airbnb because of unlawfully collected service fees ( In the case of each class action Adriaan de Gier sets up a team of specialists in line with each specific case that arises.

MfN Mediation
Based on his expertise involving class-action disputes, Adriaan de Gier has also served as an MfN mediator in the case of such disputes since then.

Non-executive member of management and supervisory boards

Adriaan de Gier is an experienced non-executive member who has been certified by the Register of Certified Board Members ( Acting in the capacity of a non-executive member, he attends boardroom meetings in the case of various companies. They are independent enterprises, often family-owned.

Adriaan de Gier also serves in this capacity for investment funds and private equity enterprises to provide guidance to businesses in relation to their portfolio.




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“Arguments should not be counted but assessed”

Adriaan de Gier, LL M.

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